Seeking models for permanent straightening @ union sq salon!

Here is what the stylist is offering.

Patrick Evan Salon
55 Grant Ave., San Francisco
Bay Area (Union Square)

Service offered

Type of service: Relaxer/Perm
Details: Service offered: Seeking hair models for Japanese hair straightening treatment! Some other common names for this services are Thermal Reconditioning, Rebonding, Japanese Straight Perm, and Thermal Reconstruction. This is a permanent smoothing service that makes frizzy, wavy, or curly hair sleek and straight without the damage of a traditional relaxer or daily ironing. Thermal Reconditioning will improve the hair's feel, softness and shine while maintaining it’s strength and health. This treatment can hugely cut down styling time and proactively reduces damage by requiring less heat styling with results that are often wash and wear! Models needed: I’m searching for models with curly and wavy hair who would like to wear it straight all the time. CURRENTLY SEEKING PREVIOUSLY COLOR TREATED HAIR. This treatment is safe for many who have received single process and highlighted hair, all color history must be disclosed to allow for proper customization in previously colored/treated cases. Open to untreated hair models as well. How it works: Thermal reconditioning systems utilize a solution to soften the naturally occurring cystine bonds in hair. Once treated, they are restructured and smoothed through the application of gentle flat ironing (no higher than 180c/350f). The hair is then neutralized and styled smooth! My Educator - Patrick Evan: Stylist and salon owner Patrick Evan specializes in the Japanese hair straightening system offering only Thermal Reconditioning and keratin smoothing treatments full time. Patrick has been doing Thermal Reconditioning for over 16 years and currently performs three to six treatments a day. He has received advanced training from revolutionary Japanese companies and is certified in the Yuko System, Liscio, and iStraight. Patrick will be personally overseeing each model service I preform as I learn to perfect this skill. About me: My name is Clara, I'm a licensed cosmetologist and apprentice in the advanced chemical and color programs at Patrick Evan Salon. I've completed 2 years of education at SFIEC (Paul Mitchell SF) and have been working at Patrick Evan for almost 2 years. I am looking to practice and perfect my craft while I continue my education into this amazing industry. Aftercare: You will be able to either wash and go or you can choose to style it by tussling it and finishing with a round brush or iron depending if you want to add bend or flip. For most clients, drying time is drastically reduced from an average of 45 minutes to under 10. Whatever hair gets treated will remain straight forever and will not become curly or wavy again. The new growth that appears in the months following the treatment will need to be treated again. Logistics: There is a $150 model fee associated with this service to cover the cost of products used (treatment typically costs $500-$700 for first time applications). Our Salon is located at 55 Grant ave in San Francisco right around the corner from Union Square. We are walking distance from both Montgomery and Powell st. BART stations. Overall the service can take about 3-6 hours depending on many factors. We are taking many precautions regarding health and safety during this time. If you have any questions regarding our Covid19 Procedures, I would be happy to go over them with you! I encourage you to review our Yelp reviews for more before & after photos of Patrick's work and additional background: Please reach out to me via email if you have any questions or are interested in being a model. I'm happy to supply more information!
Fee: 150
Gender: Female & Male

Dates of service
2021-02-15 at Tuesday, February 11th

Name: Chalulah
Phone: 510-517-3527
Preferred method of contact: Email preferred